New Lecture Ideas

Try this one? What new lectures could we add to the ICT paper? I do not want a copy and past exercise on some facts you pulled off the internet… I want you to answer the following (please if you need this use GOOD BLOGGING practices – heading and proper quotes.)   What new lecture’s … More New Lecture Ideas


What is the single most important thing that I have taken away from ITC?  Every problem has a solution, the problem is were to find it…….  ;) I think that the sentence is self explanatory. However what i get from it is that you can never know were problems will come from therefore you will … More Conected

ICT reflection

   Business Systems Innovation Problem Solving    Business Systems I think it was great to do the online test for the business blog post. It was a good way to summarize the days learning. Also i think that that topic set me up with a good basic foundation R.E business systems to build on in … More ICT reflection


From my understanding, internationalization is the development of preparing and applying modifications to products and services so that they can easily be adapted to different languages and cultures. I guess in simpler terms its a method for expanding a product or service globally. I didn’t attend the class so its hard to “reflect on this week’s presentation generally and comment … More internationalization


Ethics are…….. Ethics are a persons collection of personal principles. These are commonly your morals such as honestly, reliability, kind and fair. Basically your ethics are the rules and code you choose to live by. Defined by the dictionary ethics are.. ” moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity.(medical ethics also enter … More Ethics

Copy Left

Do you think that copying is always theft or not – explain your reasons? I do not think copying is theft at all. I think its difficult to decipher sometimes if it FAIR or not but I do not think the act of copying is theft. I think if you make a painting and somebody … More Copy Left


What do you see are the biggest issues/problems with Digital Copyright today? one issue that seems to be popular is the time frame that things can stay under copyright protection, I believe 75 years was mentioned in class. another problem could be regarding the YouTube take downs and things of that nature. I found one … More copyright

What is real?

What do you think is ‘real’ ? First of all this topic is were i get to talk about some supper trippy theory’s that i have so im happy this is our topic🙂 I think that everything could be a simulation, I think the very idea of life and consciousness as we know it only seems normal … More What is real?

The Internets own boy

            Q1:  What did he do that got him into trouble? downloaded jstore documents. Q2:  What were the possible motives mentioned in the film for his so called “crime”? setting up a “jstore” to make money from the documents. make the information free. to use in assistance with his own research ( corporate bias ) Q3:  What does each … More The Internets own boy

Problem Solving

Its nice to think that I am not bias and am impartial to every circumstance individually however this isn’t the case. If i really think, I am bias to a lot of things, Age, Gender, Political beliefs, Belief systems.                                     … More Problem Solving