Innovation Or Imitation



Innovation is ” the action or process of innovating a new method, idea, product, etc. ”

Chosen innovation  

Drone technology …(specifically, the use of simple easy to fly fpv capable equipment) is rapidly becoming a consumable product and has only reached that status through research based innovation. what dose the client want? what do they need? what can they do without? what can we hold back to add to future plans?…….

Thees are questions that may help when innovating. I think its important to meet the needs of your target market through listening. To my knowledge ( which granted is limited ) innovation can only exist synonymously beside inspiration. I don’t know how often someone just accidentally stumbles across something innovative …. but… when that does happen it still takes inspiration to make that stumbling treasure some form of product.

DJI are a perfect example of innovation at its crest. In the video below they express there knowledge of this by saying ” every-time we innovate it becomes the standard”.

They also say they are ” often imitated but never replicated” . This quote ties nicely into my exploration into the history of innovation regarding this category of I.T and technology.

DJI will be and already are the next big thing because they are the only innovators in their class. they stay at the pinnacle of there industry BECAUSE they innovate …. they design smarter and with longevity in mind they enhance the users experience of there product. They offer you something new… that you didn’t know you wanted or didn’t think was possible and to me that what innovation is.


“DJI is probably the most secretive when it comes to metrics, but we do know DJI’s revenue jumped from $4.2 million in 2011 to $130 million in 2013. The key to this explosion, of course, was the release of the original Phantom at the beginning of 2013. Even if we say DJI’s revenue doubled from 2011 to 2012 (before the release of the Phantom), that leaves a $117.4 million dollar jump thanks to the Phantom. At $1,000 a unit, that is 117,400 Phantoms in the first year.”



I am biased in favor of there constant innovations because they are user friendly. I have flown a few different drones from DJI and from there competition and they build and create brilliant stuff. Other company’s offer thins that DJI don’t however they are not things i want or wish i could use. I don’t know how relevant and innovative advancement is if its unnecessary…

I think potential difficulty’s to over come may be integrating new tech into their products without loosing its core function. They have risen to the top of there market and cemented their spot as the market leader so i have accidentally picked a brand of innovators that dont seem to be having any obstetrical to over come but to choose one more i would say maybe being creative. Keeping up with the growing trends and creatively adapting.





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